Joycar pone la política de calidad interna a su disposición en caso de que sea requerida.

Portable grip

We registered our anti-covid product so that public transport is "covid-free"

All these months we have launched ourselves into the manufacture of all kinds of medical products. And that is why we have registered a novel anti-covid product which is not a simple tie-down. With it, you make sure NOT to touch the transport bars directly as it bends easily and does not come into contact with the bag when storing it. With it you stop hugging the bars with your elbow. With it the children gain those centimeters that they still have to reach the upper bars. With it you can open doors with a handle and a cylindrical handle. With it you can carry the bags. With it you can load bars in the workshop ...

Because we do not put limits on our product. We have created it but you will give it the utility.