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Our brake parts manufactured at Eugi help to save millions of lives globally

  • SEINSA Corporation, candidate for the 2021 CLEPA Award
  • Iñaki Lizaso, Head of Organizational Excellence of the Spanish company, declares that SEINSA is ready to drive forward the European market of spare parts gaining independence from Asian suppliers

Madrid, November 4th 2021.- SEINSA Corporation, recognized as the most innovative company in Spain in 2020, specialises in manufacturing brake parts that help save the lives of millions while driving vehicles of 85 different brands worldwide. The company is well aware of this and proud of being independent and European, from Navarra (Spain), providing essential and critical parts for the automotive sector produced in Spain and India. The Group, with headquarters located at the Eugi reservoir in Pamplona (Spain) has succeeded to control the whole manufacturing process, from raw materials to distribution. “The future both for the sector and for our economy lies on offering quality products made in Europe, entirely manufactured locally and not dependant on other markets”, states Iñaki Lizaso, Head of Organizational Excellence at SEINSA.

SEINSA Corporation develops in Spain millions of brake, steering and suspension automotive parts that are vital to guarantee driving safety worldwide. As a matter of fact, being the actual manufacturers of these products becomes a competitive edge as more and more customers look for quality products produced from raw material. This adds to a proximity sourcing trend experienced by the after-sales industry, going strongly for vehicle spare parts made in Europe. The Spanish company exports 98% of the production, mainly to European countries, but also to America, Asia and Africa: “Due to the supply crisis triggered by the pandemic, sourcing locally is a trend on the rise in Europe in the last months”.

SEINSA Corporation has recently been candidate for the International CLEPA Innovation Awards 2021, the most praised awards recognizing excellence for European automotive suppliers: “Here in Navarra, we have an unrivalled Spanish treasure in the sector of the automotive spare parts, primarily brake parts. We can talk big about innovation and excellence, as well as having succeeded to convey all our knowledge and expertise to the plant in Chennai, India”, he proudly declares. The Spanish Group has submitted to the awards an innovative project already implemented in the production processes: “We didn’t have to do anything new, as innovation is part of our daily business. We grow thanks to our strong conviction that the only path towards leadership is innovation”.

The company believes that without making a strong bet on research and innovation it would be very difficult to deal with the current context of change and uncertainty in the industry. In this respect, SEINSA allocates four million euros yearly to innovative high-performance teams and equipment, and in 2020 the company created the R&D department for strategic development and new business largely consisting of young professionals.

Iñaki Lizaso, Head of Organizational Excellence at the company, has been 33 years innovating in the automotive industry with the support of the Azcárate family. He is an industrial engineer and a highly valued manager in the automotive industry who has contributed to build completely automated and robotized production lines, both in Spain and India. The latter, has implemented 100% the European model.

A European model based on people

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan for a 40% growth in the next three years, increasing its annual sales volume, which reached 30 million euros in 2020, despite and against the foresight for the automotive industry in general. 98% of the company’s sales are from exports to 85 countries.

The company has been established as a pioneering company in Spain for the developing of the European business excellence model and it has made available for the whole automotive industry their methodology to manage and counteract the crisis.

In 2002, SEINSA was granted the European EFQM Award for quality control and in 2005 it opened a new manufacturing plant in Chennai (India), which has allowed the company to enter new markets, mainly in the U.S.A.

In 2020, SEINSA was recognised by the Basque Innovation Agency INNOBASQUE as the most innovative business leader.

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